Lake Natoma

This is Lake Natoma

Folsom’s Best-Kept Secret

Lake Natoma is one of the best-kept secrets of Folsom. Even though it truly is in the ‘heart’ of the city, it is also one of the most under-used facilities in the area. Lake Natoma is a small Lake that gets its water from Folsom Dam runoff and eventually is dammed itself at the Nimbus Dam, which spills into the American River. All three of Folsom’s bridges span over Lake Natoma.

About Lake Natoma

Perhaps the biggest attraction to Lake Natoma is the CSUS Aquatic Center. Sacramento State students have been using the Lake for some time now for its men’s and women’s crew teams, and the perfect rowing conditions make it a strong attraction for many incoming students interested in rowing. The ideal surroundings of Lake Natoma make it virtually wind-free in the mornings, and it is one of the best places to row in the United States. Every May, Lake Natoma is host to the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships, whereas schools such as Sac State, Cal, UCLA, Stanford, and Oregon compete for their championship titles. The CSUS Aquatic Center also teaches classes on windsurfing, and canoeing, as well as waterskiing, and jet skiing (on Folsom Lake).

Lake Natoma is also a very popular swimming area in the daytime and a popular fishing area in the early mornings. Those who are interested in fishing may also be interested in checking out the Nimbus Fish Hatchery (off Hazel Blvd) as well.