Food & Drink

Folsom is a foodie’s dream destination. From pizza to prosciutto, Irish to Indian, vegan to Vietnamese, Folsom has some of the best restaurants in the Sacramento area. There’s something for everyone and every budget. Here are some of MyFolsom’s picks.

Fine Dining

Folsom has several ‘must visit’ fine dining restaurants, each offering something unique. Here are some MyFolsom Favorites.

Breakfast Spots

Are you the traditional ‘bacon and eggs’ type, or more of a trendy ‘avocado toast’ aficionado? Maybe you dig some huevos rancheros? A ginormous mimosa? Whatever you crave for breakfast, Folsom’s got it.

Outdoor Dining

whether on shady patios, intimate gardens, or people-watching plazas, take advantage of Folsom’s fantastic weather and enjoy our many outdoor dining options.

Beer & Breweries

Find out all about Folsom’s strong beer culture by exploring its many brewpubs!

Wine Bars & Tasting

The foothills of Folsom are the perfect spot for a day of wine tasting.

Wine Regions

Some of the most popular wine regions in Northern California are right here in the Foothills!

Pet Friendly

A day out with the family isn’t complete without the family dog. Here are all the places you can take Spot with you on your next outing in Folsom!


Folsom is surrounded by amazing casinos and resorts. Find out where to take your hot hand!

All Restaurants

Everything from pizza to sushi, come explore the restaurant scene in Folsom!