Resident Guide

The Resident’s Guide to Folsom, CA

Folsom Restaurant Reviews

Looking for a new place to eat? gives you a run-down of some of the best places to eat in Folsom.

Folsom Lake Trails Map

Folsom Maps

Looking for a place to go hiking or ride your bike? Check out the trails in the Folsom area.

Folsom Bar Guide

Folsom’s a popular destination for bar-hoppers. Check out the nightlife and see for yourself.

Folsom History

How did this city come about? See how Folsom was founded from its beginnings as a gold mining town.

Folsom Clubs & Organizations

Get involved! Whether it be with the rotary club or Folsom Harley Owners Group (HOGs), chances are there’s something for you.

Folsom Rodeo

If you are new to Folsom, you’ll want to get to know the Folsom Rodeo. It’s been a popular event for many years – see what it’s all about!

Folsom Worship Directory (Local Churches)

Looking for a church in Folsom? Here’s a list of most of the places of worship currently in the Folsom area.

Folsom Wildlife

Folsom is home to a few dangerous creatures such as rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain lions. See what you can do to keep yourself safe!

Movies in Folsom

Did you know that Folsom was the setting for several Hollywood movies? Take a look at some clips from some movies filmed here.