Since the middle of the 19th Century, Sutter Street has always been the ‘heart’ of Folsom. A 3-block strip of stores, restaurants, and bars highlight a part of Folsom that has gone largely unchanged since 1851. While the tenants may have changed over the years, the look and feel of old Folsom truly brings you back to the days of the Gold Rush.

Some of the original stores have remained the same for over a century, such as the Folsom Hotel, which now is still a popular night spot on the weekends in its downstairs bar. Some other popular spots along Sutter Street includes Yager’s Taphouse, the Powerhouse Pub, Snook’s Candies, and the Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. This area has become a popular place for local suburbanites and Intel employees to bar-hop on the weekends.

On Thursday Nights in the summer time, Sutter Street is home to dozens of local merchants, vendors, and craftsmen, as the Thursday Night Market is the place to get out and be seen. Several thousand visitors a week visit Thursday Night Market, making it one of the most popular attractions during the warmer weather.

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