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The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary provides a safe haven for dozens of rescued wild and domestic animals. Touring the zoo sanctuary is the perfect way to spend the day and get to know the charming animal residents, including bears, wolf-hybrids, monkeys, birds, raptors, foxes, cougars, reptiles, insects, and many more.

Take a stroll on scenic pathways that wind through the zoo sanctuary’s wooded landscape while you learn the history and story of each special animal. Then, take a ride on the Folsom Valley Railway through Folsom City Lions Park.

The zoo sanctuary’s mission is “Teaching Responsible Behavior Toward All Animals.” All animal residents of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are treated as individuals by the staff and offered the best environments and loving care for their needs.

We invite you to visit the animals at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary!

About The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is part of the City Park on Natoma Street, next to the Community Center and City Hall. This zoo is a unique facility in that it houses animals that are native to Northern California and cannot be released. This zoo is sometimes called the “Misfit Zoo”; The animals in the zoo were either injured, abandoned in the wild, or were pets that became too unruly for their owners. After being relocated, these animals were nursed back to health and acclimated to their new surroundings. Although other zoos may have larger and more exotic animals than the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, none have animals with more personality. Each animal has its own story, which visitors can learn on their self-guided tour, or on a guided tour that can be arranged for groups over 15.

Probably the most popular animals at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are the black bears. We also have foxes, mountain lions, wolf-hybrids, bobcats, donkeys, serval, opossums, deer, eagles, a variety of other birds, and even tiny squirrel monkeys. Although these are the types of animals you would expect to see on a farm, the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary also has a variety of more common animals such as pigmy goats, raccoons, squirrels, peacocks, and even chickens. The zoo is undergoing serious renovations as it grows to accommodate Folsom’s growing population. The Zoo has classes, activities, story times, and a “ZooMobile”, which brings animals and teachers to schools as well as private events. Programs can be directed at different age groups and all stress the importance of responsible and appropriate behavior toward all animals.

The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is always looking for volunteers with a variety of skills. Friends of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are members who pay an annual membership fee, which supports the Zoo and provides them special benefits. If you are interested in becoming a Friend or volunteer, contact the Zoo office. The Zoo gift shop has wonderful animal souvenirs and is a great first or last stop for visitors.

Education and Outreach

The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary offers a variety of education and outreach programs. Visit the links below to learn more about each program.

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