article written by MyFolsom netizen Mike Volkin

So you want to buy a house in Folsom… What’s the best way to buy a home with a great resale value? We’ll show you what types of things will make your house more attractive when it’s time to sell.

Lot and Landscaping

Some buyers will shy away from odd shaped or oddly situated lots. The lots should be rectangular and as level as possible. Of course, for every 10 buyers who prefer rectangular lots, there will be one who will be specifically looking for an odd shaped lot.

Avoid buying a property that is landscaped too much. Normally this landscaping comes at a premium price and the upkeep may be too much to handle. This premium price may not be easily recoverable when it comes time to sell. You will get your best value if the house is moderately landscaped or under-landscaped for the area. You can always improve the landscaping during your ownership by improving the grass and adding bushes and trees. Landscaping can be quite costly, however there are many quick and easy fixes you can do to turn even the dullest lawn into an attractive one.

House Size

If resale value is important to you, you should not buy the largest model in the neighborhood. When determining market value, the homes nearest to yours are most important. If all of the nearby houses are smaller than your house, they can drag down the appreciation.

Likewise, if you buy one of the smaller houses in the neighborhood, the larger homes can help pull up your value. When determining the proper house size for resale value, you have to determine what you need rather than what you want.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Three and four bedroom houses are the most popular among homebuyers, so if you can stick in that range you will have more potential buyers when it comes time to resell. Even five bedrooms is okay in Folsom, as long as you do not have to pay too much extra for the additional bedroom. There should always be at least two bathrooms in a house, preferably at least two and a half.

Closets and Garages

Walk-in closets are simply in fashion now, just like granite counter tops.

Garages add to the resale value and you should always make sure to get at least a two-car garage. Lately, three-car garages have become desirable in Folsom. Adding shelves to a garage is a great amenity that many buyers overlook when house hunting. You can have them professionally installed or do them yourself with minimal effort.

The Open Floor Plan and the Kitchen

Houses with open floor plans are selling well in Folsom. By having a kitchen that opens into the family room, the house seems more inviting and is great when hosting parties.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are also in fashion. Make sure your kitchen has easy access to the backyard, as there will certainly be occasions for barbecues and outdoor entertaining in Folsom.


The only room where having a fireplace is a necessity is the family room. A fireplace in the living room may be nice touch, but you pay extra for it and will rarely use it. The fireplace in the living room will serve as a focal point, but does not add much to the house’s resale value.

The Big Myths

In closing I would like to end with a couple myths about resale values of Folsom homes.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools do not provide as much added value as they once did. As an experienced Realtor in the area, I will tell you that homes with pools get fewer showings than homes without pools. However, if you have a pool and wish to sell your house, you will get potential buyers who are specifically looking for a pool, which is great since you will have less competition.

Buy a home with a pool for your own enjoyment, not as an investment. Should you want a house with a pool, avoid installing one yourself. Paying a contractor to install one for you is not a financially sound investment. Perhaps someday it will be, but not at this time.

Homes with a View

Homes with a pleasant view of the horizon, Folsom Lake, or even the Empire Ranch Golf Course often sell at a premium price. However, if a view is important to you, buy it mostly for your own pleasure and not as an investment. When it comes time to sell the house, you will be limiting potential buyers to come and see your home as many may not put the same price tag on the view as you did. Keep in mind, it may take you longer to find a buyer when it comes time to resell the house or you may find yourself dropping your price to match other sales prices in the neighborhood. In other words, a “view” is an amenity you should pay for your own reasons and not for resale value.

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