Folsom Lake

Visitors Guide to Folsom Lake

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Folsom Lake is hands down, the best place in the Folsom area to spend an entire weekend day – whether you are into water skiing, fishing, wading in the cove, hiking, or relaxing on the beach, there’s a spot at Folsom Lake with your name on it. Make sure your next trip at Folsom Lake is a fun one – be prepared!

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About Folsom Lake

Take a look at the various amenities the lake provides, from camping grounds to boat launch points.

Folsom Lake Boating Map

Find out where you can launch your boat, go camping and take a picnic.

Folsom Lake Trails Map

Folsom Lake has plenty of biking & hiking trails with some of the best views of the valley. Find out where you can go

Folsom Lake Topography Map

See how deep the lake gets and what areas to avoid when the lake gets low.

Folsom Lake Fishing Map

Going fishing for the day? Check out all the hot spots to see where your best chances are.

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