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Folsom has a few distinct shopping locations to choose from. For that quaint and boutique feel, head to downtown Sutter Street where you’ll find plenty of beer bars, wine bars, steak houses, art galleries & more. Looking for a little more commercial and mainstream, head over to the gorgeous outdoor Palladio Mall where designer handbags and a cocktail await.

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Shopping Centers & Plazas in Folsom, CA

Here you will add whatever content you want on Folsom. There are many shopping centers and shopping plazas in and around full some California. Some of the most notable shopping centers are the new Palladio mall and of course the old downtown Sutter Street. Sutter Street is very quaint and small compared to the very new and mainstream Palladio Mall. Palladio mall has well over 100 shops, restaurants, eateries, bars and entertainment options to choose from.

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