Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Connection

Johnny Cash Trail Overview

Folsom has a few distinct shopping locations to choose from. For that quaint and boutique feel, head to downtown Sutter Street where you’ll find plenty of beer bars, wine bars, steak houses, art galleries & more. Looking for a little more commercial and mainstream, head over to the gorgeous outdoor Palladio Mall where designer handbags and a cocktail await.


Jonny Cash History

Some say that Folsom Prison put Folsom on the map, but it was Johnny Cash who made Folsom Prison Famous.

His international hit, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and his album ‘Live from Folsom Prison’ forever linked Johnny to Folsom and the Prison. Tourists from all over the world come to photograph the Prison, search for souvenirs , or to visit the Johnny Cash Trail,

In honor of what Johnny has meant to Folsom, the city Park and Recreation division developed the Johnny Cash trail. An (X) mile bike/jog trail past rolling hills, through oak groves, and over bridges, including the Johnny Cash Bridge with its gothic towers mimicking the guard towers at the prison. Artworks, including a 40 foot tall statue will soon be installed at various points along the trail.