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WalMart Breaks Ground

Walmart is expanding. The Folsom Walmart will be enjoying a facelift and expansion into a

WalMart Stabbing; Suspect In Custody

A manager at WalMart tried to confront a shoplifter and was stabbed multiple times today.

WalMart Goes Bagless

Folsom and Citrus Heights Wal-Mart stores decided to finally deploy the bagless pilot – encouraging

Folsom Wal-Mart Bagless Pilot

Folsom’s Wal-Mart will be the first of three the nation to test out a new

Wal-Mart to Open 3rd Folsom Store The rumors have been confirmed – Walmart will be

New Business Coming Soon Some confirmed an unconfirmed rumors of new business in Folsom –

Recycling Alternatives With the city of Folsom no longer using Folsom Prison to take care