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Folsom, California real estate news and tidbits. Includes real estate guide, maps, and a popular forum where you can ask residents questions about living in Folsom.

Top 7 Predictions for the Local Real Estate Market

It’s the question I get every year, without fail: “What’s the Real Estate market going

How Accurate is Zillow?

by Steve Heard A few years ago I wanted to sell my car, and to

Low Rates + Low Prices + High Rents = Brisk Market

Here we are, nearing the end of summer, and despite the state of the economy, despite

34 Acres Bought for Housing

34 acres of commercial land off Parkshore Drive have been purchased by a real estate

Persistance Pays Off for Some

When the government unveiled HAMP (home affordable modification program), it was estimated that up to

It’s Gonna Be a Good One

Well, it’s about time for some predictions for the year in Real Estate. I’m going

The Crazy Myth of Housing Affordability

Housing is affordable. That’s no myth. The myth is that when products become more affordable,

Short-sale Nightmare, part II

Hey Kids, In my last post, I talked about the short-sale nightmare of having Bank

Short Sale Nightmare

Hey Folks, it’s been a while, but I am back and ready to rant, I

Most Banks Still Don’t Have It Together…

For those who don’t know, a short-sale is where the seller of a home owes

Local Real Estate Sales Increase

The first quarter results are in for the Folsom Real Estate market, and they show

A Record Setting April?

So, we knew April would be busy, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for

Is There Really A Mortgage Crisis?

We’ve all read the stories and seen it on the news. Lenders are going out

Condo Owners Irate Over Mold

Folsom condominium owners are voicing concerns to city council over units which they bought at

Death Row Coming?

San Quentin is home to a number of death row inmates, including Scott Peterson. However,

Excess Intel Land Sold

22 acres of real estate at the northwest corner of Prairie City Road and Willard