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Folsom Lake Crossing Grand Opening

Folsom Lake Crossing was a sea of humanity today… thousands of people showed up to

Bridge Opens Tomorrow!

Folsom’s fourth Bridge, Folsom Lake Crossing, will be opening to traffic tomorrow at 4 pm.

New Bridge Photos

Folsom Lake Crossing, Johnny Cash Crossing, the Dam Bridge, the New-New Bridge, whatever you want

1st Bridge Crossers…

One of the numerous interesting features of the new Folsom Lake Crossing bridge are the

Bike Cam!

Ever wanted to ride the Folsom bike trails? Here’s a sneak peek of what it’s

Folsom Lake Crossing

With less than three weeks till the opening of Folsom Lake Crossing the new bridge

Bridge set for March 28

Folsom Lake Crossing will officially open on March 28. At the cost of $134 million,

Bridge Connected

Folsom Lake Crossing, the new bridge that will replace the Dam Road, hit a milestone,

It’s Folsom Lake Crossing

In a move that stunned many, Folsom City Council decided to go against the grain

Down to 4 Choices

The new bridge name will be revealed Tuesday, though it has been narrowed down to

800 Names to Choose From

The City of Folsom will soon choosing a new name for the bridge that is

Name the New Bridge

The new Dam Road Bypass Bridge is under construction and should be done soon… now

Movin’ Right Along The new Folsom Dam Bridge construction is making progress. Concrete is currently

New Spillway OK’d As part of the Folsom Dam Raise project, the US Bureau of

Dam Bridge Passes Next Steps In what seems like an endless array of steps towards

Bridge Over Troubled Water? The Folsom Dam Bypass Bridge hit a minor snag last week

Morin’s First ‘State of the City’ Now that Andy Morin has taken over as mayor

Morin/Howell Named Mayor/Vice-Mayor City Council members Andy Morin and Kerri Howell have been named as

Folsom Projects Still Up In Air With the effects of Hurricane Katrina still being discovered,

New Bridge May Hit a Snag The Folsom Dam Bypass Bridge is currently being “fast-tracked”

Dam Road May Be Off the Table Many were very excited to hear that the

Dam Road Approved to Re-Open Commuters and many Folsom businesses have been grateful about the

Dam Bridge Routes Proposed The new Folsom Dam Road replacement bridge has unveiled its likely

New Bridge By ’07 In what is considered a very quick turnaround time, a replacement

Is This Thing Passed Yet? Welcome to the world of bills in government… in what

Dam Raise, Bridge a “Go” State Senate approved federal legislation allowing a 7-foot raise of

Help on the Way For Traffic It may take a while to build, but the

Folsom Dam Raise and Bridge Deal Imminent The US House of Representatives subcommittee has unanimously

Ose Looks to Get a 4-Lane Bridge With the impending traffic issues that will result

Dam Bridge Gets Federal Funding Progress is being made for clearing construction of a new