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Intel Rated #1 Greenest Company

Intel Corporation has been named the top “Greenest” Company in America by Forbes Magazine. Even

Intel to Spin Off in Sacramento

Intel and GE are looking to spin off a joint venture based off of Intel’s

Intel Plans 6-Acre Solar Field

Intel has announced plans for a 6-acre solar field on its Folsom campus, which will

Geek Weekend

If you are a gamer, chances are you are already making plans for this weekend’s

Wireless Recharging?

Intel may be unveiling a new technology to wirelessly recharge an electrical device on Thursday.

Intel’s 32-Hour Marathon

Gamers flocked to Intel this weekend, as they hosted a 32-hour LAN (Local Area Network)

Enter: Numonyx

It’s Day 1 for the brand new Intel spin-off, Numonyx. Intel spun off its flash

“Bike to Work” Another Big Success May is “Bike to Work Month” – and Folsom

Intel Sells Flash Business In a move to shed a struggling business, Intel Corporation has

Intel Folsom Braces for Impact In what has been anticipated for months, Intel has announced

Intel Cuts 1,000 Managers In a surprise move that shocked Intel employees, the announcement was

Overhaul Coming for Intel Intel CEO Paul Otellini has announced that Intel will undergo a

126 Intel Folsom Jobs Going Overseas In an effort to reduce costs, Intel has made

South of 50 Plans In Play The city of Folsom is pushing forward with plans

Coming Soon… A new retail/office complex is coming in the South Folsom area, near Intel.

Intel Folsom Turns 20 In 1984, Folsom was a rural town on the outskirts of

Cash Back For Intel Investors? After Microsoft Corporation decided to award cash back to its

Gold Medal Service From Intel Intel Folsom is one of the biggest unsung heroes behind

Excess Intel Land Sold

22 acres of real estate at the northwest corner of Prairie City Road and Willard

Intel Equips Raley Field With Wi-Fi Thanks to Intel Folsom, fans of the Sacramento RiverCats

Happy Birthday, Intel 35 Years ago, Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce, and Andy Grove started up

Intel’s Kid to Work Day a Big Success Intel’s Ninth Annual Kid to Work Day

Do you have “Intel Inside” your laptop? So what’s with the new Intel Centrino Mobile

Folsom Hit With Large Vacancy Rates “If you build them, they will come”. Or so

Intel Ranks High as Corporate Citizen Intel’s commitment to employee safety ranks it as the

Win-Win-Win: Folsom, Most Residents, Intel All Win Folsom just got a little closer to its

Several Sites Up For Review Get Rezoned More areas of land in the city limits

Folsom as an Economic “Hub” With a little help from Intel, Folsom has become a

Intel to Cut 4,000 Jobs Worldwide Folsom employer Intel Corporation, one of Sacramento Valley’s leading

Folsom Ranks First in Median Income, Second in College Grads The 2000 census data is