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Got a Food Review?

Folsom has no shortage of places to eat… and many new businesses have begun springing

Home at Last at Mimi’s

Well you know the fallback restaurant that’s good for mother’s day or an office lunch

Thai Paradise Crowded, But Worth It

The word is out! My wife and I have kind of a Friday ritual. We

Rice Express Thrives

When you pass the empty corner where Ralph’s Market on Blue Ravine in Folsom once

Manderes: Great Food, Great Brews

After having been to Manderes so many times I only just now realized I have

An Old Brit Hits Old Europe

What  a delight to discover Old Europe and Historic Folsom in the same visit. Drawn

Roma’s Pizza Rocks!!!

Along with Tasty Time Ice Cream, Rice Express and Quiznos, Roma’s Pizzeria continues to thrive on

Visconti – Great Then, Great Now.

I need to preface this review, by telling you that Visconti’s Ristorante was the first restaurant I

Curry Club Review

With the help of Mylo, my co-foodie-commando in need of grub, another restaurant recon mission

Eat at Joe’s! (Tahoe Joe’s)

Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse inFolsom has quietly been making customers happy for over five years

Aloha Sushi Review

2791 E. Bidwell St. Had a chance to try out a some sushi places in

Hop Sing: Oldie But Goodie

 Folsom has grown quite a bit over the years. What used to be a quaint

Early Toast Review

Sunday morning, Annie and I had a rare morning with only one child and decided

Islands is a Hit

An interesting trend has started in Folsom – Southern California chains are making their way

Fat’s Asia Bistro – Expenive But Worth It

Upon entering Fat’s, I already had a preconceived notion of what to expect – really

Bidwell Street Bistro

Two words: Crème Brule! This Bistro is a little gem straight out of Paris, found

Wasabi Opens

The much anticipated opening of Wasabi Sushi Bar & Grill has finally happened – they opened

Waffle Barn – Fast & Friendly

This morning I took my family out to try out the new breakfast/lunch place that

Sudwerk – a Welcome Addition

I leave for a couple of weeks and a new restaurant comes out of nowhere!

Don’t Forget Red Robin!

One of the often overlooked restaurants in Folsom is Red Robin… since it’s a fairly

Jack’s Urban Eats – Fast & Satisfying

A fairly new restaurant to Folsom is Jack’s Urban Eats. I have actually visited two

India House Gets a Thumbs Up

India House is the latest entrant in Folsom’s Indian dining scene. They opened in late

Why So Quiet, Taiko?

Already a hit at 10th and K downtown and now the best sushi in Folsom,

Chicago Fire Review

HE SAYS: I like the atmosphere, the fire red walls with the soft lit room

China House Review

HIM: I would have the Generals Chicken for breakfast if it was socially acceptable. It

Me Ro, Me Like

The best part about this sushi bar and restaurant is their extensive selection of Japanese

Taqueria – Muy Bien!

Before I met my girlfriend (now my wife), I never really cared for mexican food.

BJ’s Brewpub Review

Full barstools. Not surprising. But, full highchairs too? There’s never an empty seat in this

“Streets” Hits the Spot

British pub is making itself right at home on East Bidwell, between McDonald’s and Starbucks

El Rincon Del Sabor Review

Much more than just another Taqueria in Folsom, El Rincon’s food is fast, delicious, and

Hacienda Del Rio Review

Due to its location, Hacienda del Rio on Sutter Street has to be the best

Rubio’s is Tasty, Bro…

Rubio’s is easily our new favorite place to eat. The food is really good, the