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New Women’s Prison Opens

Folsom Women’s Facility, a new prison opening near California State Prison, Sacramento, is opening this

Prison Escapee Captured

Late last night, Marco Cabrera, 32, managed to escape the minimum security wing of Folsom Prison.

Folsom Prison Break… In?

Yes, you heard that right… a man was caught on Prison grounds attempting to break

Prisoner Escapes, Picked Up

A minimum security prisoner walked off of Folsom Prison earlier today. Inmate Terry Yeckley apparently

A Happy Father’s Day

Folsom Prison participated for the first time in an annual “Get on the Bus” campaign,

Prison Escapee Caught

Stephen Kolbe, also known as Stephen Austinberkle, escaped from Folsom Prison some time between 5:45

2 Escape Folsom Prison

2 minimum security prisoners have escaped Folsom Prison. Jeffrey William Howard, 43, and Garrett Daniel

5 Injured in Prison Riot

A riot in Folsom Prison left 5 injured, after an unknown event triggered the riot.

Escaped Prisoner Recaptured

A minimum-security prisoner from Folsom Prison had escaped Folsom Prison and later recaptured. Zachary Dickens,

Guard Admits Smuggling Phones, Drugs

40-year-old Domingo Garcia has plead guilty to smuggling in marijuana and cell phones in to

It’s All About the Prison.

2 Beautiful lakes, yes. Charming historic area, yes. Interesting history, yes. However how many towns

Hollywood in Folsom?

Folsom-based Redwood Palms Pictures has done a bunch of movies outside of California, but is

Folsom Prison Escape

42-year old Robert Micheletti has been missing since 9 pm last night, and has apparently

Riot at Prison Sparks Lockdown

At least 18 were injured in a riot at Folsom Prison yesterday; “Old” Folsom Prison

Prison Medical Facility Proposed

A 1,500 bed medical facility is being proposed on Folsom Prison grounds; in which 1,500

Prison Ships Out

California State Prison, Sacramento (aka “New Folsom Prison”), is in the process of moving out

3 Found Dead in Folsom Home Three people have been found dead at 112 Wembley

Folsom Guard Unharmed After 10 Hour Standoff “New Folsom” prison had a scare on Saturday,

Folsom Prison Terror Ties FBI have uncovered a terrorist plot to bomb synogues and National

Dam Bridge Routes Proposed The new Folsom Dam Road replacement bridge has unveiled its likely

Johnny Cash Inspires Musicians One of Johnny Cash’s most famous concerts was his concert at

Intel Folsom Turns 20 In 1984, Folsom was a rural town on the outskirts of

Folsom Microbrewery Coming Soon Folsom will soon be home to a new microbrew, Lockdown Brewing

Prison Guards Fight Back In light of a statewide prison abuse scandal including Folsom Prison,

City Council Seeking Veterans’ Input In an effort to ease any tension with the Folsom

Officer Wounded at Prison An unidentified officer at Folsom Prison was serisouly wounded on Monday,

Johnny Cash, 1932 – 2003

Johnny Cash, the music legend that made Folsom famous with his hit song “Folsom Prison

9.2.2003 Death Row in Folsom Still a Possibility Death Row is starting to trickle up

Recycling Alternatives With the city of Folsom no longer using Folsom Prison to take care

Running Around in an Orange Jumpsuit: Not Funny Inspired by the hit TV show “Jackass”,

City to Shut Down Minimum Security Prison Due to the fact that the city is

Freeloading Prisoners? Did you know that Folsom Prison is currently not being billed for its

Ose Looks to Get a 4-Lane Bridge With the impending traffic issues that will result

Lake Natoma Cleared for Use Officials have given the green light for swimmers to return

2 Sewage Spills Reported in Folsom Folsom officials are smarting over the latest sewage spills