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News and information related to Folsom City Council in Folsom, California.

Folsom Candidates Make Final Plea for Votes

  On Tuesday, voters will decide which 3 of 12 candidates running, will be joining Ernie

Term Limits, Campaign Contributions and How We Select our Mayor to be Discussed Tonight

Judging from the pre-game buzz, expect a large vocal crowd at tonight’s City Council meeting.

Folsom City Council Candidate Debate Set – 5 Vying for 2 Seats

The field is set for this November’s Folsom City Council Election. Two seats are up

Be Part of the Discussion – Folsom Issues and Insight

  Beginning February 22, Folsom Lake College and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce will present

City Council and Other Local Elections – Who or What do you want on a see?

Folsom residents will have the opportunity to help shape the future of this city by

Two Great Leadership And Learning Opportunities In Folsom

Hey Folks -There are two great opportunities to learn, grow and lead coming up here

Today is the day. Your Vote Counts!

  Today,  Folsom residents will decide whether to stay the course with our current city

Question for Folsom Voters: Stay the Course or Stop the Growth?

This article, submitted by journalism student Clifton Jones gives a brief look some of the

Folsom City Council Wants You!…or you vote. 3 Seats up for grabs.

  Do you have political aspirations? Are you happy with the way things are going,

‘Save Our Parks’ Rally Tuesday

Folsom is expected to lose as many as 10 parks positions with upcoming budget cuts…

Miklos, Morin, Howell Re-Elected

Steve Miklos, Andy Morin, and Kerri Howell are expected to be secure re-election to Folsom

City Council ‘Candidates’ Night’ Oct. 4

A Folsom City Council candidate forum, sponsored by the Heritage Preservation League of Folsom and

City Council Applications Opening

3 city council seats are opening up this year – Kerri Howell, Steve Miklos, and

City Council Up For Grabs

3 City Council Positions are up for grabs this year – Steve Miklos, Kerri Howell,

Controversial Hotel Approved

Zoning has been approved of a hotel over by Highway 50 and Folsom Boulevard, behind

Ground Broken!

On a cold Saturday in January, revitalization efforts on Sutter Street have officially been started.

Sutter Street Facelift On Hold

With economic pressures on the city mounting, Folsom City Council decided to postpone the Sutter

Three Dogs Maximum

City Council recently revised a pet ordinance in Folsom, limiting families to three dogs and

Skating Rink Up In Air?

Organizers have informed MyFolsom.com that the return of the ice skating rink next winter is


The City of Folsom decided to scrap its current budget and craft up a new

Miklos Voted in as Mayor

Steve Miklos will serve his eight term as mayor of Folsom; last night he and

City Council Forum Tonight!

Just a reminder, if you are undecided on who to vote for in the city

Your Questions Answered!

You probably know who you will vote for president, but how about city council or

Council OK’s More Development Fees

Folsom City Council hesitantly approved the increase of developer fees to help fund projects that

Prison Medical Facility Proposed

A 1,500 bed medical facility is being proposed on Folsom Prison grounds; in which 1,500

Mayor King Stepping Down

Folsom Mayor Eric King, serving Folsom City Council since 2000, will not be seeking re-election.

It’s Folsom Lake Crossing

In a move that stunned many, Folsom City Council decided to go against the grain

Down to 4 Choices

The new bridge name will be revealed Tuesday, though it has been narrowed down to

Change Sutter Street?

Sutter Street’s undergoing a dramatic facelift. The wooden overhangs that are symbolic of gold-rush era

$15K Raise For City Manager

Folsom City Manager Kerry Miller was unanimously granted a 7.9% pay raise from Folsom City

Emergency Fireworks Ordinance Enacted City Council had an emergency meeting last night to enact an

“Psych Housing” in Old Folsom? On Tuesday, March 27 the Folsom City Council will hear

Who to Vote For? It’s that time again – time for City Council elections. 3

Condo Owners Irate Over Mold

Folsom condominium owners are voicing concerns to city council over units which they bought at

Morin/Howell Named Mayor/Vice-Mayor City Council members Andy Morin and Kerri Howell have been named as

Mercy Expansion $1M Closer Folsom City Council recently voted to donate $1 million from a

City Says ‘No’ To Needles Folsom City Council has officially voiced its opposition toward the

$1.2M Bridge to Link Trails Folsom’s legendary trail system may soon be getting an upgrade,

Apartment Conversions Spark Debate The combination of flat rental rates and high property values are

Annexation Gets Green Light Folsom City Council unanimously approved a plan to apply for annexing