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Who’s Got Fireworks?

It’s fireworks time… as most know, non-profit organizations enter a lottery to sell fireworks, as

8 Hurt in Firework Mishap

One of the fireworks from today’s rodeo show exploded in the crowd, hurting at least

Time for Fireworks!

The fireworks stands are now open… time to shell out a few dollars and benefit

Rodeo Will Have Fireworks

With the fears of fire danger in full effect, many fireworks displays have been cancelled,

Emergency Fireworks Ordinance Enacted City Council had an emergency meeting last night to enact an

Fireworks Go on Sale Wednesday It’s time to go overboard on fireworks again… get your

Fireworks Not OK in Some Parks Folsom City Lions Park, Kemp Park, and Lew Howard

Fire in Catlin Park Prairie Oaks residents had a bit of a scare today, as

Cowboy Up! It’s Rodeo Time! Which means annual tradition of mutton bustin’, bull ridin’, and

Fireworks Banned in 3 Parks ‘Safe and Sane’ fireworks are legal in all of Sacramento

Get Ready to Cowboy Up It’s that time of the year again – time for