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Folsom Eases Water Restrictions

Folsom, CA – With changing drought conditions, the State Water Resources Control Board approved a

Folsom Lake Water Level Now at 113% of Average

Folsom Lake is now holding about 828,000 acre feet of water, which is about 85%

It’s Official – Governor Brown Declares Drought State of Emergency

Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle With California facing water shortfalls in the driest year in

Water Restrictions Lifted

Folsom will have full water allocations this year, which means residents are no longer obligated

Boats Out by August 25

It was fun while it lasted… Folsom Lake Marina was hoping to stay open until

Water Restrictions Over?

The lake is full, and boaters are happy. But what does that make of the

Water Alert Downgraded: Stage II

Lawn relief is here in terms of a water alert downgrade – the city has

Stage IV Water Alert By April?

Think the drought is over due to recent rains? Think again. Folsom Public Utilities Director

Lake Higher than Last Year

Though it’s not really saying much, the rains this year have made the lake surpass

HD Video of Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake is rising fast, but it still needs a lot of water to help

Stage III Water Alert in Effect

Despite the recent rain, the drought is far from over. Folsom has enacted a Stage

Stage 3 Water Alert Coming

The water issue is not going away… and the lack of rain is not helping.

Folsom Lake Exposed

With water levels in the lake at historic lows, a lot of what is usually

Stage 2 Water Alert

The City of Folsom has officially sanctioned water restrictions throughout the city. Restrictions include reducing

400 Feet = 5 MPH

Folsom Lake is at 400 feet, which means a 5 MPH boating restriction on the

City Asks For 10% Water Cut

The City of Folsom has asked its residents to cut back its water usage by

Boats Out, and Slow Down

Boating season on Folsom Lake didn’t last long this year… the lake is dropping fast,

397 Feet and Dropping Folsom Lake Levels have not been this low since 2004… With

Folsom Lake Restricted to 5 MPH Boat owners have been disappointed upon hearing the news

How Low Can You Go? Folsom Lake is dropping by about 9 inches a day…

Folsom Lake Sinking Fast A dry spring has left the Sierras without much snow, and