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Folsom’s Bond Rating Raised

Even though the country is in the depths of a recession, the city of Folsom

Wednesday is Public Works Day

Looking for some free family fun? Folsom’s annual Public Works/Public Participation Day runs from 9:30

City Newsletter Going Online

If you don’t want to miss out on the city’s monthly newsletter, you better sign

Tech Incubator Mulled

The City of Folsom has been studying the feasibility of hosting a tech incubator. Incubators

Folsom to Cut 60 Jobs

The City of Folsom has presented its proposed budget for the coming year, and 60

City’s New Answer Service

Got a question about the city? Looking for an official response? Enter CityAssist, the newest

Folsom Gets Boost in Bond Rating A credit agency has upgraded Folsom’s bond status to

City of Folsom Gets a New Logo The City of Folsom has quietly changed its