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5 MPH Ban on Lake Lifted

Boaters will be happy to know that the 5 MPH ban is no longer in

Boats Out by August 25

It was fun while it lasted… Folsom Lake Marina was hoping to stay open until

400 Feet = 5 MPH

Folsom Lake is at 400 feet, which means a 5 MPH boating restriction on the

Boats Out, and Slow Down

Boating season on Folsom Lake didn’t last long this year… the lake is dropping fast,

Lake Untouched for Dam Raise

Rumor had it on our forums that Folsom Lake would be lowered significantly in order

Folsom Lake Restricted to 5 MPH Boat owners have been disappointed upon hearing the news

How Low Can You Go? Folsom Lake is dropping by about 9 inches a day…