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Andy Morin Elected Mayor

Effective immediately, Andy Morin was elected as Folsom mayor. Mayor Morin will serve for one

Starsky Elected Mayor

Jeff Starsky was elected Mayor at Tuesday’s city council meeting, with Andy Morin serving as

Mayor Morin Addresses City Mayor Andy Morin wrote a letter to the city regarding the

20 Questions With… Andy Morin After 6 months of nagging, we finally landed a coveted

Morin’s First ‘State of the City’ Now that Andy Morin has taken over as mayor

Morin/Howell Named Mayor/Vice-Mayor City Council members Andy Morin and Kerri Howell have been named as

New Bridge May Hit a Snag The Folsom Dam Bypass Bridge is currently being “fast-tracked”

It’s Down to the Wire The polls are closed and it’s time to start tabulating

How Your City Council Candidates are Raising Money Andy Morin, a challenger to the city