Steve Heard has been a member of since 2003, and because so many of his posts were about parenting and parent/child relationships, he earned the nickname ‘stevethedad’, and it stuck. Although he still regards parenting as his greatest accomplishment and greatest pleasure, Steve keeps himself busy with a host of activities and pursuits.

A professional Realtor and Mortgage Consultant, Steve won ‘Best of Folsom’ in both the Realtor and Mortgage categories each and every year until the categories were retired.

Steve is also a Commissioner with the Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission, a graduate of the Folsom Leadership Academy, former member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership, an organizer for Folsom’s PEP (parent empowerment program) and Healthy Families Forums, volunteer at many Folsom events, an avid-but-slow runner, and a karate instructor.

Steve also finds time to serve as an administrator and moderator here on, where he is known for his fairness and sense of humor.

A native of New Orleans, Steve grew up in San Francisco and the Peninsula, where he had a career in the corporate travel industry.

Steve will be the first to tell you that what matters most in his life is his family. He’s been married to Rosemary since 1986 and they have two beautiful daughters, Jennifer and Stephanie, who still occasionally let him tag along on their adventures.

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