The main entrance.

Main entrance.

A coyote.

Where’s that roadrunner?…

Some mountain lions lounging around.

A wild rooster hangs out in the city park.

A cougar takes a stroll.

A bobcat.

A proud hawk. He looks almost as proud as…

a peacock!


Black bird (not captive).

One of the newest additions, Misty the tiger.

Taking in a little water.

Another close up.

The new bear exhibit.

The bears enjoy their new digs.

What are you looking at?

A parrot.

One of the many wild peacocks.

A view of the zoo once you walk in.

Under the new cover by the bear exhibit.


All about the zoo.

Departure times for the park train.

Next to the zoo is the train, always a crowd pleaser!

Click here for more information on the
Folsom Zoo.

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