Folsom Historical Photos

Folsom, CA – Historical Photos

Here’s Some Historic Pictures We Dug Up! (Click here for pictures of Folsom today)

1850 – Gold Rush

River Dredger, 1852.

St. John’s Church, 1852

Suspension & Railroad Bridge, 1866.

1877 – Train Station (Now Chamber of Commerce)

Suspension & Rail Bridge, circa 19th Century.

Prison Dam, 1889

Cohn House, circa 1880

Ecklon Toll Bridge Collapse, 1892

Folsom Powerhouse, 19th Century

Truss Bridge, 19th Century

Sutter Street, 1900

1900 – Sutter Street near Riley

1910 – Folsom Road

Folsom Train Station, 1910s

Gold Miners, 1910

Sutter Street, 1914

Fish & Game Lookout Car, 1915

Folsom Lookout Cabin, 1920

803 Figueroa Street, 1934

Methodist Church, 1934

Trinity Church, 1934

Folsom Powerhouse, 1934

Prison Powerhouse, 1934

Wells Fargo Building, 1934

Wells Fargo Building, 1934

Old Placerville Road, 1934

Folsom Powerhouse, mid-20th Century

Gold Dredging Machine, circa 1940s

Wells Fargo Building, 1948

Rock Pilings, 1949 (hasn’t changed much!)

Folsom Prison, 1952

Start of Folsom Dam, 1952

Folsom Dam Construction, c. 1954

Folsom Dam Construction, c. 1953

White Bear Corner Store, 1956

Train Station, 1956

Snow on Oak Avenue, 1962

Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash), 1968

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, 1968

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, 1968

Johnny Cash at Folsom 1000 Prison, 1968

Folsom Prison, circa 1960s

Sutter Street, circa 1960s (note Ford Dealership)

Sutter Street, circa 1970s

Old Folsom Dam Gates, circa 1980s

Folsom Dam Failure, 1995

Joseph Folsom, 1850
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