Folsom History

Here’s a bit of background information on Folsom’s past, and even its future!

Folsom History

Since its inception during the gold rush, Folsom has quite an interesting history. Check out how this city came to be.

Morman Island

We’ve captured a little information on what was once a small mining community, which is now underwater.

The Ballou/Scharmann Letters

Take a walk back in time and read the personal accounts of H.B. Scharmann and Mary Ballou as they sought their fortunes at the Negro Bar mining camp.

Historical Photos

This city looked quite a bit different 100-150 years ago… Take a trip back in time and view MyFolsom.Com’s pictorial history of Folsom… then look at it now!

Prairie City

Do you know where this gold-rush era town was located? Find out where and what happened to it.

The City’s Beginnings

Squabbles over water meters in Folsom are not actually a new thing. Jack Kipp takes you back to Folsom’s city foundings in 1945.