Movies Shot In Folsom

list of movies and videos shot in Folsom, CA

Movies & Videos Filmed in Folsom

Folsom is well known for a lot of local landmarks – Folsom Prison, Folsom Dam, and the Rainbow Bridge, to name a few. Fortunately, this makes for some compelling videos. It’s been featured in several movies and videos over the years.

1) Captain America II: Death Too Soon

This cheesy 1970’s made-for-television movie was the talk of the town around 25 years ago. Several scenes were shot here in Folsom. There is a large motorcycle chase scene that goes through some undeveloped areas of town and then culminates with a chase over the Folsom Dam, where Captain America ends up in the American River Below. Later in the movie, Captain America breaks into a Prison (filmed at Folsom Prison) and makes quite an escape! You may recognize a younger Christopher Lee, known for the Lord of the Rings films, and the late Stanley Kamel, who had a regular role in the TV show Monk.

2) American Me

The 1992 Edward James Olmos film American I was filmed at Folsom Prison. The movie is about a Chicano youth who breaks the law and then becomes the leader of a powerful gang at Folsom Prison.

3) The Jericho Mile (1979)

Filmed entirely inside Folsom Prison, this was the directorial debut of Michael Mann. The movie is about a prisoner who takes up long-distance running and even becomes competitive enough to beat Olympic runners.

4) Papa Roach’s “Time and Time Again”

Local Band Papa Roach filmed “Time and Time Again” in the Sacramento area… the scene starts in Sacramento and ends on the Rainbow Bridge. The chase scene also goes over Lake Natoma Crossing. Papa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton lives in the American River Canyon North area.

5) Diggstown (1992)

Starring James Woods & Louis Gossett, Jr., this movie is about a con artist who is just released from prison.

6) Another 48 Hours

Eddie Murphy’s character is released from Folsom Prison – lots of scenes were filmed here and can be seen in the trailer. The bus accident appears to be in the area as well – White Rock Road maybe?

7) Folsom Prison Blues

Most are aware that Johnny Cash filmed his famous concert at Folsom Prison in 1965. No known video has been found of this event (though he also played at San Quentin and was filmed there). Joaquin Phoenix’s 2005 biopic Walk the Line has a scene that says it is Folsom Prison, however, nothing looks familiar. Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951) is The movie that inspired Johnny Cash to write “Folsom Prison Blues”.