has grown quite a bit since it opened in July 2000. MyFolsom Milestones:

July 2000 launched! The site started as a basic site all about Folsom, with some interactive features such as a Folsom message board. Check out our v1, c/o the Wayback Machine.

version 1.0, or what we could find of it! 2.0 2.0

April 2002 2.0 released. First major upgrade of site. Site maintained regularly with news updates from Folsom several times a week.
August 2002 nominated as a finalist in the 2002 Dottie Awards. We made the top 5 sites in all of Northern California for the “Lifestyles” category!
October 2002 MyFolsom message board upgrade. Moved to a dedicated server, free of pop-up ads.
March 2003 announces its first annual “Best of Folsom” awards.
January 2004 3.0 launched. Navigation improvements included search, breadcrumbs, layout size changed to accommodate smaller screens.
April 2004 Member #500 Registered.
September 2004 makes Sacramento News & Review’s “Best of Sacramento” for best local website.
February 2005 nominated once again as a finalist in the 2005 Dottie Awards.

March 2006 – The kids admire dad’s new Dottie’s!

January 2005 Member #1,000!
September 2005 Member #1,500
February 2006 nominated a third time as a finalist in the 9th annual Dottie Awards.
February 2006 Post #100,000 in the Folsom Forums.  
March 2006 wins 2 Dotties at the 9th Annual Dottie Awards. (3rd time’s a charm!). We won the People’s Choice Award as well as our category – Lifestyles & Travel. (version 3.0), April 2006

May 2006

2,000 Members!
August 2006

First Folsom Podcast launched. The podcast lasted around 5 episodes, before the novelty wore off.
October 2006 wins “Best Local Website”, from Folsom El Dorado Hills Style.
March 2007 4.0 Launched; first major release since 2002 includes new Folsom Yellow Pages.

March 2007 – v4.0

June 2007

Member #3,000
December 2007 launched, our first foray in to the mobile device market.

February 2008

Sister sites launched with forums in neighboring communities:
March 2008 5.0 – upgraded yellow pages, changed color scheme to red, gold, & black

Version 5.0

May 2008

Member #4,000
September 2008 wins best local website from Folsom-El Dorado Hills Style.
January 2009

Member #5,000
Post #300,000
October 2009 spearheads the first annual “Night of 1,000 Pumpkins” on Sutter Street.
January 2010 Member #6,000
August 2010 MyFolsom enters the iPhone market with its first iPhone app.

version 6.0

October 2010 again wins Style Magazine’s “Best Local Website“.

April 2011 6.0 launched – the entire site is now viewable via mobile phone.
September 2011 wins its 4th award for “Best Local Website” from Style Magazine.

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