MyFolsom.Com is a unique website, in that it has a popular forum which people visit somewhat regularly (some more than others!)… with this e-community, many get to know one another, all with the anonymity of a computer screen. As the site has grown, many have decided to let their true identities be known…

Event #11 – Sacramento Beer Week @ Lockdown
(February 2011)

About 30 MyFolsomites checked out the new Beer Tasting Room for Lockdown Brewing in Rancho Cordova. The event was capped off by an impromptu jam with house band Better Man – a Pearl Jam tribute band!

Event #10 – MyFolsom Kings Night
(February 2010)
The Kings & Clips squared off for an evening, while 40 MyFolsomites and friends cheered them on and got acquanted. We must have been good luck – the Kings won!
Event #9 – Pronto’s Pizza Meetup
(March 2009)
We had several dozen MyFolsomites check out the new pizza place, Pronto’s. The pizza was great and we had a great time!
Event #8 – Express Gourmet Meetup (January 2008)
One of our biggest events to date was the meetup at Express Gourmet, a new ‘express sit-down’ style restaurant at Prairie City & Willard. We had probably around 50-60 attendees… for a rainy night, that’s not bad!
Event #7 – 4.0 Launch Party
(March 2007)
Over 80 people came out to Taqueria La Mexicana for some free swag and take a chance at our door prizes, ranging from Starbucks cards to a $50 MyFolsom “gold pan” and gold pick.
Event #6 – GoodFellas Grand Opening (November 2006) helped welcome in a new member to the Folsom family – Goodfellas Express Italian! The quick-serve Italian restaurant is located at the corner of Prairie City & Willard; Around 50 or so MyFolsomites came out for some great Italian food and got to meet one another.
Event #5 – Carvel Cinnabon Grand Opening
(February 2006)
This event was spaced out between 2 nights – the first night was a “free preview” party, with an official MyFolsom party the next day. Brett911 was a gracious host as MyFolsomites were gracious “guinea pigs” for ice cream and Cinnabons! The ‘preview’ event was attended by approximately 150 MyFolsomites!
Event #4 – MyFolsom Pizza Party
(September ’05)

We all got together again and met MyFolsomites old and new. We had around 40 people in attendance, including a very pregnant Erika (and husband Adamal)! Thanks to some of the newer posters who met everyone such as swmr545, Mommy2Sydni, Robert Giacommetti, mennabear, among others
Event #3 – MyFolsom Pizza Party
(November ’04)

The first pizza party went pretty well, so we decided to go to the Round Table on Sibley Street, where we had the entire party room to ourselves (and we needed it, it was packed!). Around 40 MyFolsomites were there throughout the evening, we were able to convene together again over some more pizza and beer.
Event #2 – MyFolsom Pizza Party
(March ’04)

After the first event, we figured it would be fun to meet in a more unassuming environment, at Round Table Pizza off East Bidwell. Around 30 people popped in throughout the evening to say hi to one another and eat some pizza. Unfortunately we were there at the same time as 2 other events, so the place was packed! No problems though, we all had a good time and got to know one another.
Event #1 – MyFolsom Potluck BBQ
(September ’03)

We all gathered for our first of many events. We rounded everyone up at Livermore Park, where around 20 or so MyFolsomites came by and had some burgers, chili, and a few brews. A good time was had by all!

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