Dave Burrell is a moderator, food critic and the advertising sales manager for MyFolsom.com. He’s been a very active part of MyFolsom.com since first joining February 2004.

After moving here in 2004, Dave became an active member in the community as a volunteer for various arts programs and was also a member of the Folsom City Arts and Cultural Commission from 2007-2009.

Dave is a regular contributor to the site, he enjoys helping people learn about Folsom and all the benefits of living here and posts often about local restaurant and business news. Dave is always encouraging people to conduct their business and spend their money right here in town instead of going elsewhere.

Dave has been a resident of Folsom since 2004, when he and his family was relocated from Ojai, California for work. Dave grew up in the Los Angeles area and moved north to Ojai in 1999 after relocating the first time for one of the technical companies he worked for. Dave now runs his own computer support business, servicing the local community with excellent quality service and very competitive prices. http://www.davburr.com

If you’d like to contact Dave, please email him at davburr@yahoo.com.  If you check out the forums regularly, he goes by the name “davburr” in there.

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