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Latest Images of Folsom Lake – Old Gravesite and More of What Lies Beneath

Even with the reduction in flow from Folsom Dam, the lake is disappearing at an

A Little Advice on Exploring Folsom Lake’s Once-Hidden Treasures

Mormon Island, Red Bank and Salmon Falls are notable communities which once stood in the

‘The Art of Toys’ and more, at the Gallery at 48 Natoma

Oil and acrylic paintings by Michael Sacramento and mixed media assemblage by Rebecca Casey. Opening

Light Rail Out of Action

A massive Oak tree fell across the light rail tracks this morning, taking the overhead

Happy Veterans Day

The annual Veteran’s Day Parade in Folsom has become somewhat of a tradition for many

Sutter Street Gold

A pot of gold may not be under this rainbow, but Folsom’s greatest treasure, Sutter

Folsom Live 2011

Folsom Live 2011 went very well this year. Lots of of great bands on all

9/11 Remembered

The Folsom Fire and Police Department held a 9/11 ceremony this morning at Fire Station

Prairie City Fire

If you were anywhere near Hwy 50 and Prairie City this evening, then you might

Your Amgen Photos!

The Amgen Tour of California brought out thousands of Folsom residents, and many MyFolsomites brought

Clarksville Day

What is now El Dorado Hills near highway 50 was once known as Clarksville back

Turkey Time

Folsom resident Joan Hallstein snapped this shot of a turkey cruising around her driveway the

Second Saturday

Craig Learoyd checked out Folsom’s second Saturday on a gorgeous Saturday evening in April. Take

New Look For Sutter Street

Sutter Street is wearing a new look these days since the median was removed. It’s

Digging History

With the future of the Chinese Diggings site in question I figured it to be

Late February Storm

As the rain gives way to the sun

Mormon Island Dam pictures

I was out for a late afternoon walk at Mormon Island Dam. I’ve heard that

Springtime in Folsom

With winter giving way to spring, the hillsides in and around Folsom come alive with

New Bridge Photos

Folsom Lake Crossing, Johnny Cash Crossing, the Dam Bridge, the New-New Bridge, whatever you want

Folsom Lake Crossing Photos

Photo Journal: Folsom Lake Crossing

Great Shots!

In case you didn’t hear, the Folsom Bulldogs won a big game at Arco Arena

HD Video of Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake is rising fast, but it still needs a lot of water to help

Lake is Rising!

Folsom Lake is finally rising… check out some pictures a user took while out

Cool Aerial Shots

Some cool aerial shots of Folsom Lake were recently taken and are now available online

Cash Photos Resurface

Johnny Cash fans will be excited to hear that some new photos of his 1968

Folsom Lake Exposed

With water levels in the lake at historic lows, a lot of what is usually

Snow on Sunday Night?

A cold front is hitting us hard this weekend, and may mean snow by Sunday

Red Bank Now Visible

Though the town of Mormon Island is likely forever entombed in the waters of Folsom

Negro Bar Photos

Negro Bar Photos

What’s Under Folsom Lake?

Well, find out…!

Summer Nights in Folsom

Folsom and the surrounding area is a beautiful place to live. If you don’t believe

Photos: Vista Del Lago

Vista Del Lago High School Photo Journal

Zittel Farms Pumpkin Patch

Zittel Farms Pumpkin Patch

Folsom Parks Photos

Folsom Parks – a Photo Journal

Folsom Bike Trail Map

Folsom Bike Trails Map

Historic Folsom Photos

Photo Journal: Historic Folsom Photos

Storm Photos!

<a href=”../../../../resident-guide/folsom-photo-journals/folsom-storms-of-2005/”><img src=”../../../../images/storms/willowcreek2.jpg”><br> Storm Photos from December 2005.</a>

Red Robin Car Show

Red Robin Car Show