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Folsom Lake Level Soars

Good news for boaters, swimmers and other users of Folsom Lake It’s nearly full! Folsom

Folsom Lake Level Rises with Recent Storm

Folsom Lake’s water level stands at 495,194 acre feet, which is 51% of total capacity,

Folsom Lake Nearly Full – More Water Coming

    The current Folsom Lake level stands at about 928,000 acre feet which is 95%

Storm Runoff Raises Folsom Lake Level to 42% of Capacity

  California Department of Water Resources graphs shows Folsom Lake’s water level has risen by

Why the Heck is Folsom Lake so Low?

  On Facebook, here on, and all around town, people frequently remark that after

Falcon Crest Trail Around Folsom Lake

Falcon Crest Trail Around Folsom Lake – El Dorado Hills, CA Great Walking, Running and

Folsom Eases Water Restrictions

Folsom, CA – With changing drought conditions, the State Water Resources Control Board approved a

Folsom Lake Water Level Now at 113% of Average

Folsom Lake is now holding about 828,000 acre feet of water, which is about 85%

Issues and Insight, Session 2 – Let’s Talk About Water

Water: Managing our precious resource, is part 2 of the 4 part series, ‘Issues and

Folsom Lake Level on the Rise

  The recent rains have increased Folsom Lake levels to approximately 20% of capacity, up

Folsom Lake Level Looking Good, Relatively Speaking

Folsom Lake begins the new year with 431,178 acre feet of water, which is 90%