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Residents Opposed to Crematorium on Forrest Street Lakeside Cemetery and Miller Funeral Home on Forrest Street are planning on building a crematorium in the back of the funeral home, however residents are opposed to the idea, citing that smoke created from the crematorium poses a health concern. Miller Funeral Home is one of Folsom’s oldest

MyFolsom.Com Selected as a Finalist in 2002 “Dottie” Awards MyFolsom.Com has been recognized as finalist in the 2002 ‘Dottie Awards’, which recognizes excellence in Northern California websites. We have been nominated in the ‘Lifestyles’ category, and we are also eligible to win the People’s Choice Award, which is chosen by the public. Please vote for

That’s Our New College Up On That Hill! The structure you have seen being created on top of the hill near Home Depot is not an elementary scholl, nor is it a church. That’s part of Folsom Lake College, which will likely soon be a 20,000-student community college, tucked away in the Folsom Hills. In

Tired of Mather Field Noise? Here’s Your Chance to Speak Up The Sacramento County Department of Airports is looking to expand traffic to and from Mather Field, despite the widespread criticism from Folsom and El Dorado residents that current flight paths are too low and too frequent. FAA officials and air cargo representatives will be

Chiropractic College Coming to Folsom in 2006 Palmer College, based out of Davenport, Iowa, is expanding its Chiropractic college, and has targeted Folsom for its next expansion, a 750-student campus. Though a location is not firm, Palmer is expected to build on land owned by the Folsom-Cordova Unified School District, near Folsom High School. 1

Folsom Lake Boating Season Drawing to a Close Soon It’s September, and many Folsom boaters know what that means… the start of the end of Folsom’s boating season. The lowering water levels at Folsom Lake show that soon it will be too shallow for recreational boating, such as water-skiing or wakeboarding. If you’re not quite

Black Bear Spotted in Folsom Neighborhoods During the past week, a wild black bear has been spotted dozens of times, for 4 separate nights in Folsom. Fish and game have set up a bear trap to try and catch it, although it has not been successful yet. Although the bear is in a residential area,

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Folsom Offers Free Pickup of Hazardous Waste Did you know that you can dispose of many of your hazardous wastes for free? The City of Folsom will pick up most hazardous wastes, such as motor oil, latex paint, antifreeze and electronic equipment. The city will pick it up on Tuesdays and Fridays, by appointment only.

Critics Still Unhappy With Affordable Housing Plans Although Folsom City Council is quite happy with the results of their decisions for affordable housing in Folsom, it is not sitting well with many residents. Most notably, the decision not to spread out affordable housing, but to ‘cluster’ them along 14 different areas. 3 out of the

Folsom Still In Running for 2012 Olympic Events San Francisco and New York have been announced as the final 2 candidates for the United States’ bid for the 2012 Olympic games, eliminating Washington DC and Houston. What does this mean to Folsom? If San Francisco wins the final bid for the 2012 Olympics, Folsom’s Lake

Please Vote For MyFolsom.Com!!! The Sacramento News & Review is having it’s annual ‘Best of Sacramento’ awards – please vote for MyFolsom.Com in the ‘best website’ area!!! It’s about halfway down the list. Of course, you’ll be able to vote on all the other things you love about Sacramento (your other favorite city, right?) as

Cyndi Dow Not Seeking Re-Election The candidates for City Council have been announced, and 9 people will be seeking seats, 2 of them incumbent. Cyndi Dow, a current City Council member and past president of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, decided not to see re-election after 4 years of service. Kerri Howell and Steve Miklos,

Yo Joe! Folsom Gets a Trader Joe’s Many Folsom residents will be happy to see that one of its new tenants will be health-food store Trader Joe’s. The chain store will be the fourth in the Sacramento area, and will be located next to Lowe’s Hardware at East Bidwell & Montrose, in a new “Folsom

Mather Field Noise a Sore Spot For Many Residents Planes flying in to Mather Field over Folsom and El Dorado Hills is a very common occurrence – so common that residents are beginning to speak up about the noise and how low they actually are supposed to be flying. FAA officials and air cargo representatives

Rockers Papa Roach Shut Down Bridge for a Day Vacaville rock band Papa Roach closed down the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, for the filming of their latest video, ‘Time and Time Again’, in front of a throng of die-hard fans. Traffic was diverted across the nearby Lake Natoma Crossing. Papa Roach’s latest album ‘LoveHateTragedy’ has

New Games Now in the Arcade! Due to popular demand, we’ve added a few new features to MyFolsom.Com. We’ve brought back a couple of popular games, the 70’s Classic arcade game Asteroids, as well as the 90’s cult game Tetris. We’ve also dug up an interesting photo of the historic truss bridge, before the Rainbow

Folsom as an Economic “Hub” With a little help from Intel, Folsom has become a hub of economic prosperity in the Sacramento region. Approximately 277,000 workers are employed in the Folsom region (Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, etc.), a 57% increase in the last 10 years. Though Folsom did little to attract large corporations

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New Water Meters Causing a Stir The Folsom City Council has given the green light on putting an initiative on November’s ballot over water meters. The center of the controversy is how much will residents pay – misleading wording and accusations of not being impartial are what have a few residents miffed. Mayor Starsky claims

Dam Bridge Gets Federal Funding Progress is being made for clearing construction of a new bridge, to replace the Folsom Dam Road bridge that currently spans over Folsom Dam. Due to traffic, security concerns and the possible heightening of the dam, a new bridge would be necessary. The biggest roadblock was who would pay for

MyFolsom.Com Nominated for a ‘Dottie’ MyFolsom.Com has been nominated for a ‘Dottie’, a local web award which honors the top websites in Northern California. The Dotties, formerly the Sacramento Web Awards, is an annual award show which features the best of the web – Movies have the Oscars, TV has the Emmies, while the Web

Will Folsom House a Light Rail Yard? The progression of light-rail to the city of Folsom poses a new question: Where to put the rail yard. This poses an interesting dilemma, as Rancho Cordova is concerned with housing it in their business park area, since residents may be concerned with a rail yard’s image. The

Intel to Cut 4,000 Jobs Worldwide Folsom employer Intel Corporation, one of Sacramento Valley’s leading employers, recently announced it will be cutting 4,000 jobs in its global workforce, in an effort to cut costs. CEO Craig Barrett made this announcement early Tuesday morning, and it is not known how much this will impact Folsom employees.

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Measure C Money Being Used For Many Upgrades Measure C, the FCUSD school bond which raised money to repair classrooms and build a Prairie Oaks elementary school, is already showing improvements in our schools. At the corner of Russi and Stewart St in Prairie Oaks, you’ll notice a new elementary school going up. A new

Dog Park Expected Soon in Folsom The Folsom Parks District is expected to have a new off-leash dog park some time in the near future. Although last year’s plan for a dog park in the Prairie Oaks area was ultimately dismissed, a new dog park is planned in Livermare Park off of Riley Street. It’s

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It’s Rodeo Time! It’s that time of the year again – time for the Folsom Pro Rodeo. This year’s Rodeo will take place nightly from July 3-6, at Folsom City Park. Come on by to check out the buckin’ broncos, cavalcades, and the always popular “mutton-busting”. This year will feature a special tribute to America,

Floating Port-O-Potty Creates Controversy The American River Parks District has recently installed several new lake ‘port-o-potties’, or floating toilets, on Lake Natoma. One of which was recently installed directly under Lake Natoma Crossing. The location has since been moved, however it is still in plain view of anybody looking at Lake Natoma from the Old

Folsom Answers to Residents on Affordable Housing The City of Folsom, after a massive public backlash, has created a public affordable housing committee in order to best represent the needs of residents in Folsom. The committee is still looking for residents in the following areas: Prairie Oaks, the Parkway area, Willow Springs, the Flower Drive

Folsom Zoo Reaches Out to Educate The Folsom Zoo, in an effort to educate young children, is offering several summer programs, in which children can learn about wildlife through crafts, games and such. The “ZooMobile”, a travelling zoo of sorts, also travels throughout town to local schools and facilities to help reach out to children

Juneteenth Celebration at Negro Bar on Saturday Come on out for a free bag lunch, live music, and living history re-enactments on Saturday, June 15 at Negro Bar. The third-annual ‘Juneteenth’ celebration will occur at the African-American mining camp, along the side of Lake Natoma. ‘Juneteenth’ celebrates June 19, 1865, which was the end of

Library Bond Fails to Pass Preliminary reports indicate that Measure A, a write-in special bond aimed at increasing property taxes by $50 a year, failed to pass. 66% of all votes was needed to pass the bond, which would have built a new library for the city. Out of 10,849 votes, 6,414 (59%) votes ‘yes’,

Now There’s More to MyFolsom… Games, too! While you may be here to check out the latest news on what’s going on in Folsom or chat with your neighbors, now MyFolsom.Com has added some more features, including games! The old version of MyFolsom.Com had video games – we’ll be re-incorporating that soon in to the

City of Folsom Sued Over Low-Income Housing The saga over low-income housing has reached a new level – a lawsuit. Seven Folsom residents and 3 homeowners associations have filed a lawsuit over the secret re-zoning of land in the North Folsom area. The group claims that its civil rights were violated when the city re-zoned

Price of Progress: Oak Trees to be Removed for Light Rail Folsom city leaders are considering removing the protective status from nearly 60 trees along Folsom Boulevard, in order for Light Rail to be expanded toward historic Folsom. Although they are on protected status, only 24 trees will actually be removed, and 10 of them

Multi-Family Rezoning Continues to Incense Residents Folsom planners and the city council are under increasing scrutiny due to the controversial locations of multi-family, or ‘low income’ residences within Folsom. Many grass-roots advocate groups have lead the way to move these proposed re-zones in to other areas of town. For more information about this, The planning