The Best Places to watch the Super Bowl in Folsom

Lots of Great Options – Here are a select few

Super Bowl Sunday is just about here! It’s always an exciting time, some even calling for it to be a National Holiday Whether you’re a fan of the teams, the game, or are just looking forward to the commercials, it’s even better when you watch with friends (or a bunch of like-minded strangers).

The question is, where’s the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Folsom? There are many choices, but here are my top 5.

FLB Sports Bar

FLB Sports Bar: One of Folsom’s oldest, with many TVs, 2 bars, great bartenders, covered patio, bowling alley, and some of the best wings in town.

PowerHouse PubPowerhouse Pub: This pub features a 15-foot high definition big screen, plus a screen above the bar and another on the patio. No live band, but the dance floor is there if you want to do a touchdown dance or three. No kitchen, but local restaurants deliver, including J Wild’s, right next door.


Folsom Tap House Sports Bar & Grill: Smaller, more modern, and under new ownership, this neighborhood favorite has 13 flat screens, a little side patio and full kitchen.

The Iron Bulldog

The Iron Bulldog: One of the more recent additions to the Folsom sports bar scene, it’s a friendly spot with patio, and for the big game, they’re having a pregame poker party, too.

Out of Bounds Craft Kitchen and Biergarten: Multiple seating spaces including a huge patio (more like a back yard), firepits, bocce court, full bar and kitchen.

So, for the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Folsom, choose from this list. Want more? Here are some other worthy choices: Sutter Club, the Folsom Hotel, and Riley’s on Sutter. Whatever you do, get yourself a designated driver, walk or take a Lyft, but don’t drink and drive!

Happy Super Bowl!