Guest Feature: Vista del Lago Students on Sustainable Restaurants

A SMUD Youth Energy Summit Project

A group of Vista del Lago students participating SMUD’s YES (Youth Energy Summit), and going by the name ‘Team Plastiglomerate’ was tasked with researching and identifying ‘sustainable’ business practices in local restaurants. 

They selected Sociology Coffee Bar. Here’s what Team Plastiglomerate had to say about it:

Located in downtown Folsom, Sociology Coffee Bar is a perfect place to sip delicious coffee without worrying about your personal impact on the environment.
This specialty coffee shop acknowledges the issues that come with the craft and has employed various sustainable tactics to reduce their carbon footprint.
Sociology utilizes materials such as paper, agave, and hay as opposed to plastic and styrofoam, in their to-go boxes, drink cups, and utensils.
To roast their beans, the cafe works with a company that specializes in electric, vent-free coffee roasters that prevent an equivalent to 100,000 miles worth of vehicular emissions from being released into the atmosphere.
Not only is this cafe the epitome of a sustainable business, but it also serves delicious coffee and wholesome meals in a welcoming space.
Be sure to stop by and enjoy a meal at Sociology in downtown. 
Sociology Coffee Bar is located at  705 Gold Lake Dr #390, Folsom, CA 95630
SMUD’s Youth Energy Summit is a three-day climate and sustainability summit for junior and senior students at high schools in Sacramento county. Participants attend three days of learning to understand the year’s theme, then spend the next couple of months choosing and executing their own community service project.
Congrats to Team Plastiglomerate on your achievement!