Folsom Approves Lake Natoma Development Plan

Finally Getting Something Done down There


Folsom City council held a special closed door meeting this morning, after which they announced a unanimous vote to approve the controversial ‘Natoma Vista’ housing and retail development project. 

The sprawling complex overlooking Lake Natoma had been delayed by protestors who claimed the lake was still home to the rare carpenter frog, but 6 weeks of study and observation did not turn up any, so the project was green-lighted.

Developer Michael Bigly says, ‘This is a dream come true for Folsom residents. This land is underutilized, and the City Council agrees that there are wasted revenue opportunities, a virtual gold mine, sitting right in our town.’

Protestors argue that lake should be left in its natural state, but Bigly went on to say, ‘It’s not even a natural lake. It was created by the Natoma Dam. Without that, it would just be a river.’

The first phase of the development will begin June 1st, or ‘as soon as we can get the excavators up there’, says Bigly.  

The project consists of 3 sections,  the ‘C-Level Executive Residences’ which will sit above the lake, with stairs down to a private beach, ‘The Homes for All’ village, with 212 low to moderate income condominiums, and a plaza with retail shops, restaurants, and a small park overlooking the new power boat rental complex.

‘It’s about time we did something about that wasted land’, said one council member, choosing to remain anonymous.  

In other news, today is April 1st, aka April Fool’s Day!