Wizard of Oz Exhibit at Bacchus House

Amazing and for me, terrifying

As a little kid in the 60’s, without the ability to record or have video on demand, we had to wait for that once a year time when a favorite show would come on. For me, it was the Wizard of Oz. It was funny, had a great story, good jams, and was vibrant and colorful.
It was also terrifying.
To a 6 year old, there ain’t nuthin’ scarier than flying evil monkeys. An entire squadron of them. I actually thought ‘that could happen’. Those bastards kept me up at night.
When I heard that the Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro was having a Wizard of Oz exhibit. I had to check it out. They had all of my favorite characters; the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.
I didn’t see any flying monkeys.
While talking to the bartender, I told her how terrified I was of those monkeys as a kid.
She said, ‘oh, they’re in the other room’.
I had to go into ‘the other room?’
Why not just call it the terror chamber?
I took a gulp of my drink, and went in.
They’re even scarier in person.
The exhibit is running through the end of the month. You have 7 days. You’ve been warned.
The Bacchus House is located at 1004 E Bidwell St b200, Folsom, CA. 
Great food and drinks, excellent service, scary flying monkeys. What more could you ask for?
Go check it out.