Folsom Chamber of Commerce asks for Community Help

From the Folsom Chamber of Commerce: Folsom, take action NOW! Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, December 8th, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will be voting on a proposed county ordinance that would authorize financial penalties from $500 up to $10,000 every day against residents and businesses that violate public health orders to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Every comment matters! Send an email comment to — in the subject, box write “Agenda Item #36”.

While we share the county’s commitment to public safety, the Chamber OPPOSES the ordinance as drafted. 

Business owners have a vested interest in complying with social distancing laws. Protecting customers is good business.  

Proposed ordinance is inconsistent with the State’s contact tracing data which shows family (in-home) gatherings are a primary source ofnew COVID-19 cases – and not retail or restaurants.

Given that COVID regulations are often inconsistent and ever-evolving, the proposed ordinance is overly broad, exposing good actors to burdensome and costly regulations, and potential legal expenses/liability.

The county has other police powers to enforce compliance without burdening businesses struggling to survive a global pandemic.

You can read the details of the ordinance here.


If you want to make your voice heard! It is quick and easy.

1. Send an email to – in the subject box write “Agenda Item #36” and address the email to “Sacramento County Supervisors.”

2. Make a verbal public comment during the meeting by calling in.  At 10:15am on Dec. 8, call (916) 875-2500 to be placed in queue to speak on agenda item #36.  You may be on hold for up to an extended period of time and should plan accordingly.

Join the Chamber and let the County Board of Supervisors HEAR from FolsomAct now!