Get Organized. Make Home a Little Happier and Neater

Room by Room Purge1

So, you’ve finally stocked up on toilet paper, you’ve caught up with family, friends and strangers on Facebook, and have watched every streaming series, and maybe even a documentary about how scotch is made. Now what? What to do with all that time?

Get organized!

As if she’d read my mind, Paula Beyak, Professional Organizer and owner  RoomSolutionsbyPaula  sent me some tips for getting started, and making home a little easier to hunker down in:

Start with things that can involve the whole family. Remember, kids have been sorting since Kindergarten:

  • watch/listen and re-evaluate all you DVD’s, CD’s, music
  • consolidate electronic cords/chargers/adapters and purge old.
  • purge hard copy menus from junk drawer/s
  • purge old wooden cracked stained mixing utensils (harbors bacteria)
  • remove dry cleaner bags from closet garments
  • collect scarves,mittens seasonal and consolidate in one place
  • free up master closet space…remove winter wear and store under beds
  • sock drawer reorg…time to lose the lost orphans!
  • thin out cookbooks; keep loved ones handwritten recipes separate
  • warranties in file cabinets;
  • remove garbage, broken items, empty boxes from garage, old paint.

Feel better? Keep the momentum going an tackle the stuff on Paula’s handy Room by Room purge guide posted above.

As for me, I’m starting with my office. I guess I can get rid of those Realtor magazines from 2012. Times have changed, and if I didn’t read them then, I probably ain’t gonna.

Want to know about Paula and her services? Here’s how to reach her:

Paula Beyak, Room Solutions By Paula