Folsom City Councilman and Security Expert Offers Home Safety Tips

a burglar trying to break in an open window with a crowbar

With a growing concern about residential burglaries, Folsom City Councilman and professional Security Consultant Roger Gaylord offers the following tips for homeowners.

Keeping a preventative mindset is the best solution. Even though we live in a safe community, criminals pray on opportunity. Folsom’s had a series of residential break in’s recently, along with some commercial targets as well. It’s absolutely imperative you take a very hard look at whether you’re a “soft target” or not.

Maybe it’s your house with no alarm, no alarm system warning decals (& signs) not locking your doors, no cameras etc. Maybe your car is always unlocked, your garage door opener on the sun visor, or your purse in the back seat. Naturally, we all take for-granted the amazingly great job Folsom Police Department does, mitigating crime in Folsom, but BE VIGILANT! Here are a few tips to help:

– Get an alarm system & USE IT. STICKER all 1st floor windows & doors as well as place an alarm sign in a visible location. This absolutely makes criminals do a double take. Worst case, it’s a discount on your home owners insurance. An ACTIVATED alarm system will also give you time to respond if someone breaks in. These few seconds could mean life or death in a break in.

– Pin up the “red” pull release handle on your automatic garage door track. This is an easy entrance for any bad guy. They will typically use a hanger to pull the red release & viola, your door is now manually free to enter.

– Home manicuring.. Cut/ Trim front bushes from front windows.

– Use dowels on all windows & sliders. (Most sliders can be opened by pressing, and sliding the door. Dowels stop this. Replace standard screws with longer screws in door lock brackets. This deters kick- ins. I also recommend barn door locks at the top of your entrance doors. Cheap but effective.

– Get a “Ring” Video Door Bell. It’s a cheap, & effective way to monitor your front door. Provides two way intercom, motion activated video, & cloud hosting.

– See something, say something. Notice someone cruising slowly outside, take note & report it. Worst case, it’s nothing. Best case, PD has a description of a perp.

Most cases, you’ll never need any of this, but again it’s about preventative mindsets, not reactionary mindsets.

MyFolsom adds; Make sure your home’s exterior is well-lit. Criminals don’t like to work in the spotlight.

Roger Gaylord is a Councilman with the City of Folsom, and a professional Security Consultant.