6 Ways to Save for Vacation

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How to Save for Summer Vacation

The summer is still young, and if you’re planning on making a get-away for a week or two,  Heritage Credit Union has some great money saving tips to help get you there.

Looking to squirrel away some cash for your upcoming vacation? Here are six easy ways to save your hard-earned money and keep yourself from spending it before your trip!

1 – Budget: If you haven’t already planned your monthly and weekly budget, it’s time! By laying out what you can spend, you are less likely to overspend, and you will be able to see how much you can set aside for your travel fund.

2 – Eat out less: Bringing a homemade lunch to work may be less exciting than eating out, but it will save you more cash than you may think.

3 – Curb impulse buys: Do you really need that top or the latest device? The less you spend on impromptu shopping, the more you will save for your travels.

4 – Limit your driving: Gas is expensive. If you can find opportunities to walk, bike or catch a ride with a friend, do it. Your bank account will thank you.

5 – Skip your expensive morning coffee: Instead of swinging by your favorite coffee shop on your way to work, start using the office coffeemaker or go coffee-less. You may be surprised how quickly savings will add up if you forego your $4+ coffee every morning.

6 – Open a travel fund account: Opening a separate checking or savings account just for your travel money will help you keep better track of it than if you lump it together with your other earnings. There are even accounts, such as Heritage Community Credit Union’s Kasasa checking accounts, that reward you with cash, refunds and high interest rates just for using them.