Johnny Cash Trail Folsom, CA

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Feature

Johnny Cash Trail Folsom, CA

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Feature

We recently published a post on the Johnny Cash Trail Grand Opening and Ceremony and now that the dust has settled, we went in for some amazing shots.

It is with great pleasure, we get to cover the Johnny Cash Bridge and Trail again. With stunning ground photography and aerial photography by local photographer; Anthony Occhipinti and edited by Brenan Greene, there is much to learn about this bridge and trail.

The Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom is not only a symbol of California history but now a state-wide attraction. Thanks to city of Folsom, the Folsom Chamber and the support of many local Folsom residents, the project is now closer to being complete. The Johnny Cash Trail will eventually connect to the trail along Lake Natoma, and will have other branches going to the Folsom Prison and elsewhere on the prison grounds.

The trail; a 2.5-mile line between Folsom Lake and downtown Folsom district, is now one of the most iconic symbols in the Greater Sacramento area.

This has been a project that’s been in the works since October 2010 in which Folsom has now completed, allowing local pedestrians and bicyclists the chance to walk the line.

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA

Folsom’s Johnny Cash Trail dates back to the late 1960’s. When iconic musician Johnny Cash created a hit track “Folsom Prison Blues” in 1957. A bit of an outlaw, he had an understanding of the common man and began performing at State Prisons. In 1968 Johnny Cash performed live at Folsom State Prison, leaving a legacy in our town forever.

The trail right on the corner of East Natoma St. and Riley is a tribute to the musician, blending art installations with a family bike trail, and a musical elegance. Expected completion is around 2018, giving the city of Folsom a timeless piece of history that will bring our community closer together through culture and art.

Additionally, there will be artwork, including a 30 foot statue of Johnny looking toward the prison, to be located on the future park site where that giant guitar now sits.

The bridge or $3.8 million crossing, designed after the East Gate guard towers now displays beautifully over Folsom Lake Crossing Road.

Read more on the Johnny Cash Trail here:

A note from the photographer

Capturing the Aerial Views of the Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge was particularly important to me. Being one of the most exciting and meaningful projects in Folsom, CA to date, I knew it had to be shown in a fashion cohesive with the Legend Johnny Cash himself.

The views of Folsom Lake Crossing, a towering green bridge come to life from the sky. The City of Folsom Parks and Recreation District continue are working diligently to combine Architecture, Community, and History in a way never seen before.

Thank you to all everyone who has contributed to the Johnny Cash Trail’s progress. Please enjoy the Aerial Photographs, Photographs on the ground and Video of the trail.

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge – Folsom, CA (Photos)

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CAJohnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA

Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA  Johnny Cash Trail & Bridge - Folsom, CA

Coruscating Images (Anthony Occhipinti) is a photographer who specializes in Sacramento Aerial Photography, Commercial Photography and much more. If you have any questions about the aerial photography or questions for the editor; Brenan Greene, please contact them with the following links provided.

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