Ovarian Cancer and Cure Foundation has Local Connection

cal's daughter

When Folsomite Calvin May lost his daughter Lisa to cancer, his son Calvin Jr. promised to do something to help others facing this horrible disease. 6 years later, he’s kept that promise. In Calvin’s words:

Before losing my sister to ovarian cancer on 11/12/09, I made a promise to her that I wouldn’t let her be a statistic.  The formation of The Ovarian Cancer Test Treat And Cure Foundation is how we’re all going to be able to keep that promise to her.  Our website address is www.ottac.org.  I chose this name as an effective acronym for the organization.  O standing for ovarian cancer, and TTAC standing for test treat and cure.  Saying ottac out loud gives the sound of saying attack.  The slogan of the organization will be “Ottac the O” (Attack the Ovarian Cancer).

I ask all family, friends, and anyone affected by this devastating disease to please donate to this important cause.  The funds generated will be used to get the foundation implemented.  We’ll get the foundation started and apply for our non-profit status, get our website up and running, and other miscellaneous steps that creep up along the way.  Any unused funds not used in the starting up of the organization, will be transferred to the general fund of the newly created foundation once non-profit status is achieved.  Any funds donated in this fund raising drive will not be tax deductible, as we don’t have non-profit status at this time.

I believe when starting a non-profit organization (charity), the name should indicate what you’re trying to accomplish.  I chose the name to focus on three given goals.  Testing, Treatments, and a Cure.  As there is no effective 100% test for ovarian cancer at this time, I believe we should focus on research here first.  As ovarian cancer is generally detected at later stages (3 & 4), it makes this disease incredibly difficult to fight as this is one of the most aggressive cancers.  If there were a way to diagnose the disease at earlier stages (1 & 2), it would allow detection earlier, thus giving  women better odds at fighting the disease.  This foundation will focus on funding science to develop a test for ovarian cancer first.  Once this is achieved, we will focus on the next two objectives.  Better treatments, and finally a cure.

Many of you knew my sister.  She was an amazing woman.  My hero!  She was diagnosed in September of 2007, and succumbed to this terrible disease in November of 2009.  What a fight she put up!  She never gave up!  Went through incredible pain.  Touched many lives.  Continued to live her life no matter how tough things got.  And still through all this, always looked out for others.   Let’s celebrate her life by helping others, as she always tried to do.

Thank you so much for your kindness, support, and generosity.  I can’t tell you how much it means to myself and our family.  Much love to you all!

To donate, go to: https://www.crowdrise.com/ovariancancertesttre/fundraiser/ottac

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