Cool New Exhibit at the Gallery at 48 Natoma

circles of light

Circles, squares, lines, primary colors; who would have thought these rudimentary symbols could become so fascinating? The two artists in the next interesting exhibit at the Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom will focus on these basic elements in a very surprising way with unusual art techniques. Metal and LED lighted sculptures by Kristen Hoard and encaustic paintings and monotypes by Barbara Nilsson will be displayed in the exhibit, “Circles of Light,” from September 11 to October 29, 2015.

Kristen Hoard: a portion of the typical gallery installation will be transformed into a 20′ covered Installation by Kristen Hoard space to allow for the display of Kristen’s lighted sculptures. These intriguing pieces are individually lit with LED lights that change colors and cast fascinating light patterns onto the reflected surfaces of the walls, ceiling and floor. Through grinding techniques, colored dyes and patinas, and powder coated finishes she brings a new and beautiful life to a discarded piece of recycled metal.

“As I work toward organic, abstract shapes, I feel a Zen-like sense of calm and tranquility,” says Hoard about her art. “Later, as I add bright and vibrant dyes to the metal, where patinas react unexpectedly and I never know exactly what will happen next, I reach what I call a state of “metalphoria”… a sense of heightened pleasure induced by the act of playing with metal.” Inspired by her trips to Burning Man, Hoard started exploring sculptures that incorporate fire, flames and LED lighting.

Barbara Nilsson refers to circles, squares, lines, texture and color as her basic tools. Circles and Squares 27 by Barbara Nilsson To her, lin es represent the first and simplest elem ent in art; straight lines are like rays of light, moving in all directions. The circle represents u ltimate cosm ic order and is found in every aspect of our experience. The square represents material space with gateways at the four quarters of the earth. The square depicts four cardinal directions in physical space and time w hile the circle focuses upon its timeless center.

“It is through these symbols that I strive to convey the textures of life: our earth, our emotions (metaphorical and literal), new consciousness, activity, stillness, energy, our inter-connectedness and also our individual selves,” says Nilsson. Primarily a printmaker that also painted in oils and acrylics, Nilsson added encaustic to her repertoire in 2002. Several of her newest pieces will also incorporate electrically lit backgrounds.

The exhibit opens September 11 and continues through October 29, 2015

Opening Reception Friday, September 11 – 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Refreshments, wine, and live music