Folsom Named Among Best in California for Raising a Family

photo - Folsom Telegraph
photo – Folsom Telegraph has declared something many of us already knew; Folsom is a great place to raise a family.

Folsom was noted for having high home values, good schools, low crime, an educated work force and high incomes, earning an A+ rating, and ranking 7th in the state.

While we’ll take the good publicity, they seem to have gotten some things wrong. For example, they say Folsom unemployment is at 6.3%, but the city website says it is 4.5%.

Niche says Folsom has ‘very high’ home values, and looking at Folsom homes for sale, we find that prices are higher than most other communities in the region, but homes are still affordable, and priced far lower than some of the other highly ranked cities, such as Palo Alto and Mountain View.

Whatever the case, Folsom has consistently been highly ranked by CNN Money, Best Places, Nerd Wallet and others.

See the link for complete Niche rankings and methodology.

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