Folsom’s Annual City Works Day Wednesday

city works day

Every year, the Public Works and Community Development Department celebrates City Works Day (formerly known as Public Works and Public Participation Day) to commemorate the achievements of public works in the daily lives of all Americans.

The City of Folsom’s celebration is scheduled each year during the American Public Works Association’s nationally proclaimed “National Public Works Week”, which is observed during the third full week of May. In 2015, Public Works Week is May 17 through May 23.

The 2015 national theme is “Community Begins Here” and reflects the idea that the essential nature of Public Works services support and enhance the everyday quality-of-life community citizens enjoy throughout the year; without Public Works, there would not be a cohesive community to protect, police, serve, lead and represent.

The City of Folsom celebrates Public Works Day every year on the Wednesday of National Public Works Week. Other City Departments join in the fun to create a rich presentation of the City’s services and many functions. Visitors at City Works Day can learn about the functions of many City departments by meeting employees who will be hosting dozens of fun interactive activities. A variety of City vehicles will be on display, with some of them available for on-board exploration. Please join us for the fun!

The next City of Folsom City Works Day is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The event is free and will be held at City Lions Park (next to the Library) between 9:30 and noon.

City Works Day is a newly appointed title for the event formerly known as Public Works and Public Participation Day, however, the event experience will continue to include the depth and breadth of activities and booths to which our community has become accustomed. As in past years, the Public Works Department will share the day with other City departments, which makes the name change a natural fit for the occasion.