Are You Prepared for the Storm?

The Sacramento National Weather Service has issued an alert for a potentially dangerous rain and wind storm late Wednesday through Thursday afternoon. The storm is predicted to bring three inches of rain, and winds from 25 to 40 miles per hour, with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. Heaviest rain and strongest wind are expected during the Thursday morning commute. Wind carried debris, downed trees and localized flooding are likely, as well as power outages. 

The City is preparing for the storm by sweeping as many streets and clearing as many storm drains as possible; and inspecting and clearing areas that have a history of flooding. 

Resident storm preparation tips: 
 Clear leaves and debris from gutters and drains. 
 Store outdoor furniture and umbrellas away from strong winds & secure outdoor holiday decorations. 
 Charge cell phones, and locate flashlights and extra batteries in case of power outages. 
 Sign-up for emergency cell phone alerts from the Folsom Police Department — 
 If your home is prone to flooding, pick up free sandbags provided by the City (see locations on first page of News@95630). 
 Be aware that the risk of tree limbs breaking is high given wet leaves still attached to trees. If you are concerned about the danger of falling tree limbs on your property, call City Arborist Ken Menzer at (916) 220-3016 or the City Streets Division at (916) 355-8344
During the storm, please remember: 
 Listen to the radio or television for weather information. 
 Know that high winds create difficult driving conditions. Plan ahead and allow extra time. Slow to a safe speed. 
 Stay clear of downed power lines. Call 9-1-1 to report downed power lines. Report power outages to
 If there is any possibility of a flash flood, move immediately to higher ground. Do not wait for instructions to move. 
 Be aware of stream, drainage channels, canyons and other areas known to flood suddenly. 
 Do not walk through moving water. Six inches of moving water can make you fall. If you have to walk in water, walk where the water is not moving 
 Do not drive into flooded areas. If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground when water is not moving or not more than a few inches deep. If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, stay in the vehicle. If the water is rising inside the vehicle, seek refuge on the roof. 

If you have non-emergency storm or flood related questions, please call the City’s Public Works Department at (916) 355-8344. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.