Folsom among best in California for home ownership

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The great state of California has a lot of things going for it, but housing affordability doesn’t usually come to mind as one of them.

In fact, 4 of the least affordable metropolitan areas in the country are here in California.  In Los Angeles, for example, home owners pay an average of 65% of their income toward housing costs.

Looking at housing availability, affordability and growth, Nerdwallet, the consumer advisory and financial analysis company, ran the numbers on 178 California cities to determine which were best for home ownership.

Topping the list was Brentwood, followed by Elk Grove, with Folsom coming in 12th.  Roseville and Rocklin are in the

Folsom actually comes out on top in terms of percentage housing costs to income, at 32.1%.

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The Nerdwallet blog story: