Folsom Goes Green on St. Patrick’s Day with mPOWER Energy Finance Program for Residents


The City of Folsom is going green on St. Patrick’s Day with the opening of mPOWER Folsom, a green energy financing program for property owners.  Through mPOWER Folsom, residential and non-residential property owners can finance energy and water efficiency upgrades on homes and businesses with no money down, and repay the cost over time on their property tax bill.

Examples of projects eligible for mPOWER Folsom financing include heating and air condition upgrades; high efficiency windows, doors and insulation, and cool roofs; as well as water conservation measures such as drip irrigation systems with smart controllers that don’t come on when it rains.  Installation of Solar PV can also be financed through the new program.  Funding is available for up to 100 percent of the project costs, with terms that are longer than traditional programs (up to 20 years for many improvements) and a low fixed interest rate.

Folsom residents can learn more about the program and find a schedule of informational seminars by calling (877) 396-7693 or visiting the City’s website,

City of Folsom officials worked with Placer County to bring the County’s highly successful mPOWER program to Folsom.

“We are pleased to partner with Placer County to offer this excellent program to our property owners,” said Folsom Mayor Kerri Howell. “Participation in mPOWER Folsom is a great way to finance water conservation and energy efficiency installations that have the potential to lower utility bills and save water.”

David Miller, Folsom’s Director of Public Works and Community Development, noted that this financing program will also help ensure compliance with legislative green house gas emission reduction requirements.

Placer County’s mPOWER financing program has already helped Placer County residents make energy retrofitting improvements and solar PV.  Since last July, Placer County has received more than 350 applications and has funded over $5 million in energy retrofit and solar PV projects.