Experts Give Quick Tips on Making and Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Planning on making any New Year’s resolutions? Setting some goals? Wanna keep them? Have success?

I do, and decided to seek a little help, asking 3 local experts to give us tips on how to guarantee success as we strive to grow and change in 2014.

jason mathes

First, Jason Mathes. Jason has a degree in Health and Human performance from the University of Louisiana and is Director of Fitness for California Family Fitness.

Jason says, “First, set realistic goals.  If someone pledges to join a gym and be there 5 days a week, but going to the gym hasn’t been part of their lives,  They are setting themselves up for failure. It takes time to work up to being a gym ‘regular’.”

Instead, Jason suggests that you promise to show up twice a week. Pretty soon you’ll look forward to it. If you can get through 3 weeks, you are likely make it a habit and will reach your goals.

He also warns not to expect too much too soon.  “Don’t expect 20 pounds to just melt away. It is a journey.”

It is tough to juggle family, work and other obligations. Meetings, appointments, it’s cold outside, the kids are crying, all can become obstacles . You have to plan your time and be consistent with it. Consistency is key. Once you start showing up regularly you will start to see successes.

Also, remind yourself of what your goal is and why. Do you want to look better? Feel better? Set an example? Be more productive?

In short, set a goal, plan your time and strategy to get there, be consistent, and you’ll get there.

Lastly, make it fun, and enjoy the journey.


Next, I asked Maria Kang aka, ‘The Fit Mom’ or ‘No Excuses Mom’.  Maria is a fitness expert, mom, business owner, blogger and one of the stars of the No Excuse Mom Calendar.

Maria says, “Don’t set New Year’s Resolutions! Set a year goal, but break it down into quarters. Most people don’t achieve their resolutions because there is no deadline attached, they have a whole year to lose 20lbs! But, if their goal is to lose 20lbs by March (which is do-able) and run a half Marathon by Oct – then it’s more realistic and creates a sense of urgency. ”

“I’m a big fan of “NSV”: Non-scale victories. Make sure people measure their starting point from not just pounds, but measurements, body fat, resting heart rate and strength/fitness tests. Assess your progress every couple weeks.”

“Lastly, find a support group – it can be online or within your own group of friends.”

I know what she means about that. Having someone to share victories and challenges with makes a big difference.



Lastly, Corry Ann March, Founder of Human Volition, and Executive Coaching company that  provides corporate, team, and individual training that “increases impact and decreases overwhelm.”

Corry says, “Don’t be afraid to make your goals intangibles.  Don’t get painted into a corner by doing just doing SMART goals. Want what you want and make it a goal. Question what you want with, “why do I want this? What is it that I’m really after?”

Make an over-arching theme for the year that weaves all your goals together- work, money, family, fitness, travel, etc could all have a theme of NEW, and let the specifics come from the NEW theme. Stay connected to your theme all year long and the goals do come together.

Last thing, don’t be afraid to watch a goal not happen. Don’t force it because it will happen, but probably not exactly as you were expecting, and that’s okay.”

Editor’s note:  As a veteran resolution maker who has had both successes and failures, I’d add that I write my goals down, announce them to family and friends, and ask them to hold me accountable.  Trust me, when they see me pick up a chicken wing on Super Bowl Sunday, they’ll be happy to ask ‘So, how’s your diet and exercise program going?’

That’s a good thing.

Best of luck to you and yours in 2014. I hope you reach your goals, and thanks for reading and supporting us at I resolve to continue making the site the best source of local, relevant information about our community and region, and I’ll try to make it occasionally funny, too.

By the way, I’m going to drop 30 lbs this year, with a goal of 20 by the end of March.  Speak up if you see me with a chicken wing.

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