Folsom Firefighters Battle Rim Wildfire

rim fire


Nine firefighters from the Folsom Fire Department are on scene helping to contain theraging Rim wildfire near Yosemite National Park. They have joined 4,200 firefighters from all over California combating the 7th largest wildfire recorded in California history.

Folsom Fire Division Chief Dennis Wycoff says Folsom is doing its part to protect this much beloved national park. “Our crews are in good spirits, but tired as they are working long, hard 12 hour shifts day after day.”

Strike team members currently on scene include Division Chief Calvin Howard; Fire Captains Chris Fletchall and Mark Piacentini; Fire Engineers Brian Beck and Mat McGee; and Firefighters Aaron Hill, Tom Zamora, Eric Williams and Kalei Silva.

A crew rotation is scheduled for Aug. 31 for four of the firefighters who will have been on the fire lines for fourteen days. The new crew includes Fire Captain Ken Cusano; Fire Engineer Jason Padilla; and Firefighters Ben Signor and Daniel Hight.

Fire Chief Ron Phillips notes that Folsom participates in the state’s mutual aid system, sending resources to assist when a neighbor calls for help. He says the City is always quick to respond, knowing that some day we may be in the same predicament, needing
help from others.

“I hope the public appreciates that this work is very difficult both physically and emotionally,” says Chief Phillips. “I’ve been in their shoes and I know from first-hand experience that’s it’s extremely challenging to work in such an intense situation while being away from your family for two weeks or more. I’m very grateful that our crews are willing to make such a huge sacrifice.”

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